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FamilyID is the easiest, most cost-effective way to offer online registration and reach your target market.

  • Enter your program details into an online questionnaire.
  • Choose the information you want to collect on your registration form.
  • Publish your online form and start collecting registrations!

FamilyID is a marketing channel and online registration platform in one. To get started, just create an account and add your organization and program information in the fields provided. It's that easy!


Additional Information

What do I get?

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What does it cost?

FamilyID's performance-based pricing is the best value in online registration. We get paid only when you get paid so our business interests are aligned. You receive all the benefits of FamilyID community-based marketing and online registration for only 2% of the cost of each registration, up to a maximum of $10.* And it's FREE to list your programs in our online marketplace.

**For K-12 Schools and Athletic Departments: Please contact us at 888-800-5583 for information on annual subscriptions to the FamilyID online Registration Engine. Athletic department rates are based on total number of registrations per academic year. School district-wide rates are based on total number of students.

When do I receive payment?

Do I have to accept the full amount by credit card?

Can I cancel later if I change my mind?

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